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Energy field blockages and illness


Ordinarily, illness develop when there is an imbalance in the energy body. In the natural history of an illness, the energy body first becomes blocked or imbalanced. Over time, disease develops and finally symptoms appear in the physical body. Major diseases appear typically years after a disruption in the natural flow to energy has begun, depending on the location and severity of the block or imbalance.

The key point is that the energy imbalance occurs first before any symptom or pathology in most cases of illnesses and disease. Once the pathology is present, then using conventional with all other effective modalities is best and working with the energy body during the entire process will facilitate healing more quickly.

Weaknesses in the immune system leading to infection is also dependant on the energy flow of the body. This is one reason why not everyone in the household will catch a current cold going round, while some people can fight of infective organisms while others become ill.

When energy healers talk about a block or imbalance, we normally mean a block in the energy body where the flow of energy is either sluggish or not moving along at a pace it would in a healthy or unblocked energy body.

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